Higher-Ed Group Launches Consulting Service to Help Colleges Solve Challenges

The National Association of College and University Business Officers recently launched a consulting service that will help higher-ed institutions solve a host of upcoming challenges ranging from revenue growth to better use of data.

No matter an organization’s mission, it is difficult to achieve it without revenue coming in, as well as properly managing the revenue that’s on hand. The National Association of College and University Business Officers’ members understand this better than most. That’s why the association recently launched a consulting service to help higher-education institutions with revenue challenges they are expected to face.

“There are lots of institutions finding some kind of stress around a business model that used to be successful, and it’s not now,” said Susan Whealler Johnston, president and CEO of NACUBO. “They are looking into the future and seeing enrollment challenges that are severe and real. They want to get ahead of that challenge that is coming or respond to current challenges they are facing.”

NACUBO’s fee-based consulting service is open to all colleges and universities, but members do receive a discount. It is also not a separate entity and is run by NACUBO staff, including Vice President for Consulting Services Jim Hundrieser.

The consulting service will deliver customized solutions in a number of areas, including revenue growth, sustainable business models, operational assessments, financial assessments, president and board support, and more.

Hundrieser said that some of the revenue challenges universities face can’t even be addressed until the right people at the institution agree the organization is facing a problem. “Not everyone is openly accepting that our environment is changing,” Hundrieser said, noting that university student population is morphing, now including more older, working students. “How will they build infrastructure to navigate diversity of enrollment types? We might be able to provide an extra voice or resource to help them cultivate the change that is needed.”

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