Membership & Benefits

CONAHEC is the premiere organization working to strengthen the North American higher education community and support collaboration among the region's higher education institutions and organizations and between us and our counterparts around the world.  CONAHEC members are higher education institutions or organizations and those people affiliated with them.

Membership benefits

  • Efficient and cost-effective international mobility programs for students, faculty, administrators and staff
  • Assistance in identifying partners for international initiatives
  • Higher education conferences and workshops
  • Personalized electronic information on funding and collaboration opportunities
  • Representation at international conferences
  • Discounts on other memberships and access to programs offered jointly with other higher education networks
  • Assessment tools for internationalization programs
  • Opportunities for your students to participate in the politically independent Student Organization of North America (SONA)


CONAHEC is an inclusive organization pleased to welcome many different kinds of institutions including research, teaching technological and polytechnic universities and colleges, community colleges, systems of universities and colleges, and Cégeps in Québec. Member institutions are required to be duly recognized and/or accredited by a recognized accrediting body or their eligibility must be approved by the Board of Directors subsequent to a rigorous review of alternative criteria.


Automatically eligible are:

Canadian institutions who are members of any of the following:

United States institutions who are members of any of the following:

Mexican institutions who are members of any of the following:

Institutions "accredited" by any of the following or any other recognized accrediting organization with the appropriate scope:

Institutions that meet this requirement should send the completed application form to Gabriela Valdez at for revision and approval.

Institutions NOT automatically eligible for membership and institutions from outside of the United States, Canada and Mexico must:

  • Submit a completed Membership Application Form
  • Provide an official statement signed by a top institutional authority indicating why the institution is interested in being part of CONAHEC, and what support it will contribute to the consortium’s initiatives
  • Be included in the UNESCO‐IAU International Handbook of Higher Education Institutions: (In case you do not have a copy of this handbook, the description of the institution could be verified from CONAHEC’s headquarters)
  • Provide relevant information that shows that the institution is accredited by an appropriate accrediting agency and is duly recognized by the government(s) of the country/countries in which the applicant operates
  • Organize and host a site visit from a CONAHEC representative and/or be sponsored by a current member of CONAHEC's Board of Directors
  • Provide evidence of international collaboration with one or more CONAHEC members (verifiable international agreements)
  • Provide evidence that your institution is capable of supporting student exchanges and/or evidence of prior successful international student exchange with another CONAHEC member intuition.

Institutions must send the abovementioned documents to Sean Manley-Casimir Each complete application package is presented to the Board of Directors for its decision.