If your institution is ready to apply for membership, please download the following .pdf application form:

Application Form

Annual Rates

North American and Affiliate Members:

Properly recognized research, teaching, technological and polytechnic universities and colleges, community colleges, systems of universities and colleges, and Cégeps in Québec, are welcome to join CONAHEC individually at the all-inclusive rate of USD $1,800

Group membership:

Each campus of a higher education institution is expected to join CONAHEC individually.  For university systems, CONAHEC offers a special group rate.  Systems of 5 or more institutions who are all members in good standing of CONAHEC each receive 20% off their annual membership dues.

  • Membership dues are paid annually per academic year beginning July 1st.
  • We accept payments with check or via wire transfer.

CONAHEC charges no additional fees for participation in any of its programs or activities (with the exception of CONAHEC conference registration for which there are member and non-member rates). If the institution at which you work, or are a current student in good standing, is a member of CONAHEC, you are considered to be a member of the organization for the purposes of conference registration and participation in all of CONAHEC's programs and activities. There are no separate individual memberships.

We are proud to have some of the best higher education institutions in the world among our membership. We take a long-term incremental view of institutional and system development and fully expect that most of our higher education institutions will eventually be considered among the world's best. CONAHEC's role is to assist in and support the continuous improvement of international education collaboration opportunities, in collaboration with our sister organizations.

To be eligible for affiliate membership, an institution must: 

  • Provide an official statement indicating why the institution is interested in being part of CONAHEC, and what support it will contribute to initiatives
  • Have its headquarters outside of Canada, the United States and Mexico
  • Be described in the UNESCO-IAU International Handbook of Higher Education Institutions
  • Be accredited by the respective National Accrediting Agency (when existing) and fully recognized by the respective national government
  • Be recommended by a current CONAHEC Board member
  • Host a Site Visit from CONAHEC’s staff when possible
  • Be considered appropriate for student exchanges by a CONAHEC member institution
  • Have already signed with a current CONAHEC member institution for student exchanges

Once an institution fulfills all the aforementioned criteria, a recommendation will be forwarded to the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors then approves/rejects the recommendation by a majority vote.

Please send your applications or contact us with any further inquiries at