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19th North American Higher Education Conference

Strategic Higher Education Internationalization in North America:
Successful Practices & Lessons Learned

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Most higher education institutions are constantly formulating, implementing or reconsidering their institutional internationalization strategies. Some elements of strategy are common, but many innovations are also introduced so that plans reflect the idiosyncratic strengths, interests and priorities of each institution and its stakeholders. Furthering the conversation about purposeful internationalization, the theme of CONAHEC’s 18th conference, this meeting will feature discussions about the practical consequences of developing and implementing purpose-oriented internationalization strategies. We invite attendees to highlight successful practices and lessons learned in the process of translating strategic concepts into real world international collaboration efforts in teaching, research and service as well as conversations about how CONAHEC can support internationalization efforts through consortia-wide initiatives. In this context, experiences of international higher education collaboration with a North American dimension are encouraged.

CONAHEC’s founders and leaders believe that a strong and coordinated North American higher education community is fundamentally important to the development, success and continued prosperity of the North American region. Strengthened regional collaboration in higher education will continue to produce many positive results for our institutions and communities. This conference will also feature discussion about the construction of a revitalized North American higher education community.  

We invite all those whose inter-institutional partnerships represent a significant innovation for their own institution including those working on internationalization at home initiatives incorporating information and communications technologies to connect students and/or colleagues from another country. Join us to share your efforts to translate internationalization strategies into real world initiatives and to learn about what others are doing to achieve their internationalization objectives.


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North American Center for Collaborative Development Conference 2019

Climate Resilience and Clean Energy

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Many of the world’s top scientists have concluded that the planet we inhabit is warming, and that this process is being unnaturally accelerated by human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is confident that human activities have caused 1.0°C of global warming above pre-industrial levels and that this warming continues to increase at approximately 0.2°C per decade due to past and ongoing CO2 emissions. ((IPCC), 2018) Global warming is accelerating sea level rise, influencing the frequency and strength of extreme weather events, and changing plant and animal environments with detrimental consequences for species sustainability and biodiversity. Mitigation and reduction of the detrimental effects of human activities on climate and strengthening human resilience to climate related challenges are centrally important issues for the North American region. Higher education institutions and their stakeholders are uniquely situated to contribute to addressing these vital challenges. We are positioned to assert autonomy over the integrity of our research, teaching and service and can be oriented towards and equipped with the capacity to pursue themes of importance, following knowledge generation wherever it leads. It is critical that we act collectively and efficiently to ensure we do all we can to support the continued viability of this planet. Focusing together on this theme now and setting an agenda for collective action into the future is essential.

The North American Center for Collaborative Development (NACCD) is an initiative of the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration generously supported by the federal governments of Canada and the United States to align groups of interest within North America’s higher education community catalyzing and channeling inter-institutional international collaboration in response to themes of regional and global importance.

Join us to share and learn about what North American higher education institutions are doing to enhance human resilience to climate challenges and about initiatives which current energy use more efficient and accelerate us down the path to cleaner energy adoption through their research, teaching and extension activities.

It is time for our international higher education collaboration efforts to proactively address these vitally important issues. Come and help set the agenda for international higher education collaboration for climate resilience and clean energy adoption!

Please visit the Call for Presentation Proposals and describe what you can share about your current work on this important theme!

The NACCD’s additional themes:

  • 1st North American Center for Collaborative Development (NACCD) Conference “Connecting Indigenous People in North America:  Crafting a Community of Shared Knowledge”

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  • 2nd North American Center for Collaborative Development (NACCD) Conference “Education 4.0: Enhancing North American Competitiveness, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

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We consider these themes to have interrelated elements and look forward to any interdisciplinary collaboration that may arise.

The NACCD continues to seek support for its ongoing work.  Please email us to let us know of any opportunities you can share to help continue this important work.  We appreciate your active engagement in building a better North America!

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