Faculty Mobility Program

CONAHEC supports faculty from member institutions through two different initiatives:

1) A faculty mobility database, where host institutions advertise their own visiting faculty positions

2) A structured short-term faculty exchange program that provides the opportunity to faculty to collaborate with colleagues in other countries. 

Both of these initiatives are designed for faculty / academic staff to teach and/or conduct research for a week (during the structured short-term exchange), semester or academic year at a CONAHEC member institution in Mexico, United States, Canada, or at one of our Affiliate members outside North America, the program provides an opportunity for personal enrichment and professional development.  These experience permits faculty / academic staff to collaborate with colleagues abroad, expand professional experiences, diversify academic curricula and internationalize research and Curriculum Vitae. 

Benefits for host institutions:

  • Diversification of faculty
  • Access to faculty/academic staff from other institutions at minimal or no cost
  • Specialized knowledge (especially language)
  • Diversification/internationalization of academic curriculum

Benefits for participating faculty:

  • The opportunity to live and work in a different country & cultural context and often to learn/strengthen knowledge of an additional language
  • Personal enrichment and professional development
  • Internationalization of CV and access to unique research opportunities
  • Establishment/strengthening of international professional network

Benefits for faculty/academic staff member's home institution:

  • Strengthening of institution's international networks
  • Widens faculty/academic staff perspectives and backgrounds
  • Access to unique professional development opportunities that can't be gained onsite/in country
  • Access to unique international research opportunities
  • Adds options available to faculty members who plan to take a sabbatical
  • Helps provide international context & perspective to academic curriculum & activities to which returning faculty/academic staff contribute
  • Opportunity for long-term international collaboration with partner institutions

Please contact Gabriela Valdez (gvaldez@email.arizona.edu) if you have any questions.