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STELLA – Staff Mobility Programme

A new opportunity that CONAHEC is offering its members is participation in the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU)'s Intercontinental STELLA Program.

The STELLA program is an international programme that provides opportunities for administrative staff mobility, to enhance cross cultural experience and work placement experience by means of two weeks work exchanges among University members within the Compostela Group. The program begins with institutions offering work placement opportunities to one or more visiting administrators from an institution in a foreign country.

If your institution is willing to offer any department to be visited by the granted CGU staff, you are required to fill in the following documents:

  • Letter of endorsement: to be signed by a person with power to endorse the university at institutional level.
  • Offer form: to be filled in with the details of the department which is available to receive a foreign participant. If there is more than one department, the university should then fill in more than one form (one form per offer).

The description of the placement opportunity is then reviewed, adjudicated and successful placement opportunities are incorporated into the CGU list of opportunities. Approved opportunities will be posted in CGU's list so that administrators working in institutions participating in the STELLA program can view them and apply during the application period. International placements take place for one or two week periods beginning in March through October (excluding July and August).

All CONAHEC Members are encouraged to participate. The exchange of good practices and transfer of knowledge among our member universities at a globalised level is a key element to positively progress in the Higher Education arena nowadays, and the STELLA is the perfect tool to reach our goals.

To find out more about the program please visit the CGU website: