Spring 2017 Faculty Cohort

A Glimpse into International Academic Collaboration

The Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) is pleased to share with you the work and activities of the Spring 2017 Cohort of participating faculty in our Short-Term Faculty Exchange Program!

Meet the Professors


Marcela Hebbard (left), Writing & Language Studies, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley - Adriana Guadalupe Guerrero-Peñuelas (right), Centro de Investigación y Estudios Avanzados en Planeación Terretorial (CEPLAT), Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México

The participating professors are working collaboratively to provide community lectures at their respective institutions, open to students and faculty. Marcela Hebbard will cover writing strategies such as the importance of drafting, audience awareness, peer feedback, reversed outlines, and writing in the disciplines (WID) and writing across the disciplines (WAD). Adriana Guadalupe Guerrero-Peñuelas will facilitate workshops on how environmental problems affect our lives, health, and economic activities. Via email, they will facilitate a virtual student activity to give their students the opportunity to collaborate on course topics as well.


Estela Maricela Villalon de la Isla (left), Departamento de Cultura, Justicia y Democracia Centro Universitario del Norte (CUNorte), Universidad de Guadalajara - Shana Rablah (right), Selkirk International, Selkirk College

Professors are currently collaborating to share different perspectives with their students about teaching English as a second language in both Mexico and Canada. Estela Maricela Villalon de la Isla will discuss the challenges of teaching English at CUNorte by sharing a typical Mexican student profile and how they study when learning English. Shana Reblah will talk about education in Canada and hold a workshop about learning styles and strategies for teaching English. Together they will provide students with the opportunity to collaborate by exchanging a writing assignment via the internet.  Both professors will be presenting about their experiences at CONAHEC's 18th North American Higher Education Conference in Regina, Canada. 


Ahad Hayaud-Din (left), Social Sciences, Brookhaven College - Susana Espinosa Pineda (right), Architecture & Design, Industrial Design, Economy, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Mexico

The participating professors are working together to share their perspectives on topics related to social sciences. Ahad Hayaud-Din will lecture on U.S. Foreign Policy, immigration, terrorism, the war on drugs, and relating topics that may provide a comparative political perspective. Susana Espinosa Pineda will discuss NAFTA to provide a comparative economic perspective. Through an online blog assignment, they will give students the opportunity to collaborate and share their experiences having a visiting professor.


Lenin Martell Gamez (left), School of Political & Social Sciences, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México - Celeste González de Bustamante (right), School of Journalism, The University of Arizona

Through this program, both professors collaborate to partially co-teach a class related to media in Mexico. Lenin Martell Games will hold a community lecture on media in Mexico. Celeste Gonzalez de Bustamante will focus on journalism in Mexico to deepen the understand about the historical and contemporary states of news media. Together, they will provide their students with the opportunity to engage in a group activity in Toluca.


Maria Salenger (left), School of Architecture, The University of Arizona - Martha Laura Peña Ordoñez (right), Faculty of Architecture, Design, & Communications, Universidad La Salle México

Professors are working together to expose their students to different perspectives in the field of architecture. Maria Salenger will speak on the topic of "integration of architecture and landscape: making connections to nature in urban environments." Martha Laura Peña Ordoñez will discuss "principles of citizen participation for the social design of the habitat." Collaboratively, they will provide their students with an opportunity to engage in a group activity that will focus on the studies of social and nature connections in urban places. 


John Flanery (left), Music Department, New Mexico State University - Alfonso Fierro Olea (right), Arts-Music Department, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juarez

This academic collaboration shows that music has no borders. Both professors from different music departments are collaborating to bring different perspectives into their respective classes. John Flanery will discuss the Basics of Choral Conducting and its purpose. Alfonso Fierro Olea will speak on the topic of Latin Rhythms in Vocal Music. As a group, they will provide their students with the opportunity to work together by holding a joint concert at Ciudad Juarez.


Maria Cristina Pereyra (left), Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of New Mexico - Ricardo Alberto Saenz (right), Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Colima

Collaborating in the field of Mathematics, these professors will expose their students to different approaches. Maria Cristina Pereyra will hold a lecture for professors at the Physics and Mathematics Colloquium and a technical talk for undergraduates at the CUICBAS Research Seminar, both at the Universidad de Colima. Ricardo Alberto Saenz will lecture at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium and hold an advanced talk at the Analysis Seminar, both also at the University of New Mexico. Together, they have created a collaborative course webpage where students have the opportunity to ask questions, receive feedback on assignments, and interact with one another. To learn more about their exchange please visit their website http://fejer.ucol.mx/nmcol/

Congratulations professors for strengthening North American academic collaboration!