A Quantum Leap: Partnering for Development (David Rampersad)

Rampersad, David
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While Small Island Developing States (SIDS) offer considerable potential for research and development, they have special needs as identified in Goal 8, Target 14 of UNESCO’s Millenium Development Goals. However, few SIDS possess higher education institutions (HEIs) and a cadre of professional staff capable of engaging in sustainable resource mobilisation. Moreover, the tertiary education sector in most SIDS traditionally pegs sustainability strategies to public funding (‘first-stream’ funding) and tuition fees (second-stream funding) which do not suffice for teaching, research, student support and other development requirements. This presentation demonstrates how a regional university, which serves sixteen countries, worked with a number of regional and international partners to design a programme with a view to establishing a more diversified funding base that will enable HEIs to build entrepreneurial capabilities to ensure their medium to long term financial sustainability. The focus is on training academic and administrative staff in comprehensive revenue-generating skills. Through this programme, it is anticipated that HEIs will develop a greater understanding of market requirements, forge strategic alliances with public and private partners and individuals, and engage in entrepreneurial and innovative strategies that would be mutually rewarding. The presentation will highlight the challenges of diversifying sources of revenue generation in higher education institutions that have relied traditionally on public sources for funding research and other priorities as well as innovative solutions in the face of competing demands on traditional funders.

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XIV Conferencia de Educación Superior en América del Norte del CONAHEC - Puebla 2011
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Colaboración Internacional en la Educación Superior: Encauzando Nuestras Sociedades en una Era de Transformación.