Great Arts at Eastern this week talks with Diego Gonzalez and Alla Parsons of the CONAHEC exchange

This week on Great Arts at Eastern, Jeff Gentry talks with Diego Gonzalez and Alla Parsons of the CONAHEC exchange (Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration).

Diego talks about while he was teaching at Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja in Loja, Ecuador talks about how he was introduced to Alla Parsons through the CONAHEC program.

"Well, in between March and April, I became some news about this connection network and somebody in the university told me, somebody, there is interesting maintaining this (these) cooperation. So, I started to (be) put into contact with Alla. I wrote to her, and also I asked the university for support of this interchange. So the things it happens and happens well." He states.  

He feels that some of what he takes back with him from this exchange program is: "I have a lot of things to bring back with me. Since the first day, I became so surprised about the very interesting things I am making here. Especially the people (here). The warm people that bring me the welcome here, especially Alla and Michael, her husband. And all of you and your staff. And all of the other people, the (New) Mexican people that live here. Very funny people and warm, especially. And of course the other interesting things around the place, for example, the side of Clovis, the ancient history, and this different way to invent the space in the desert, it is so interesting, a new experience for me. A lot of things also. Also, the art students, the interest from them when we are in the classes we (are) taking. They are so interesting, our talking and our demonstrations and so on. I am so impressed, really. "  

Alla states that what is remarkable about Diego's drawings, is though "We are both artists, but we are very, very different artists. Well, If I am more inclined to surrealism, Diego is more inclined to work abstraction and expression. Its a wonderful addition to my classes. Students learn from different perspectives, and they can learn an intentional, global perspective on things. But they can broaden their view of art. (He) Exposes them to different perspectives, different than mine, and Diego is just a warm person; he is a great teacher. He did the great demo for Figaro and students, and it was great."  

In a few weeks, Alla will be visiting Loja, and she plans to participate in the upcoming famous international art festival in November. After the festival ends, she will teach a few classes that Diego teaches as a guest professor. "the art festival will be great given the number of countries participating in it."

The CONAHEC faculty exchange program helps establish and strengthen academic collaborations across borders. Thank you, Diego Gonzalez and Alla Parsons.

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