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The Claremont Colleges were formally established in 1925 under the direction of James Blaisdell, then President of Pomona College. In their constitution was a commitment to “found and develop new colleges and educational institutions or programs” as needs were identified and resources were made available.

Seventy-two years later, it was Henry E. Riggs, then President of Harvey Mudd College, who identified the need that would lead to the founding of Keck Graduate Institute, the seventh and newest member of The Claremont Colleges. The need was a simple one: we need scientists and engineers who can help translate basic scientific discoveries into practical applications that will improve the health of people.

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Key Personnel

Name/Nom/Nombresort descending Email Institutional Role Department Country
Schuster, Sheldon sheldon_schuste... President/Rector Office of the President United States
Toro, Sofia Primary Contact Office of Admissions United States