CONAHEC Member Institution


Since its founding on 29 2000 Caribbean University has maintained a steady growth in infrastructure in the quality of their services. In 2011, the university was the recipient of the Academic Excellence Recognition maintain 100 percent student enrollment in undergraduate programs entered in good quality for the fifth consecutive year. Today, the university has three buildings with modern and spacious facilities equipped engineering laboratories, kitchens, business incubator, language center, auditorium and Antonio Enriquez Savignac library.

                                                                                                                                                                       #301-400th Latin American University Rankings (2018) by Top Universities


Key Personnel

Name/Nom/Nombresort descending Email Institutional Role Department Country
Hernández, Jessica jehernandez@uca... Primary Contact Vinculación Internacional México
Sosa Ferreira, Ana Pricila Rectora Rectoría México