Higher Ed Resources in a Time of Coronavirus Webinar

Higher Ed Connects
Friday, March 13, 2020
United States

The coronavirus COVID-19 is the priority on everyone’s minds, and higher ed institutions are responding.

However, there is a lot of confusion, lack of communication, and missed opportunities as leaders attempt to address the crisis from the perspective of campus facilities, students, faculty and parents. Institutions need a resource that will allow them to work together and address this crisis in the most effective way possible.

Here at the Center for Higher Education Leadership, we are dedicated to providing a space for community, sharing of resources, providing vital content and disseminating information that higher ed administrators need to know, along with mentoring, online courses and webinars. Our mission is in supporting higher ed leaders so that they can effectively navigate the issues and crises that face their institutions, to more successfully do their jobs and, ultimately, improve the landscape of higher education for their students, faculty, and staff.


True to that mission, we are providing an array of vital resources on the COVID-19 coronavirus, which has been designated a global pandemic and is affecting higher education campuses around the United States and the world at a rapid rate. The situation seems to change on an hourly basis, as colleges and universities rush to keep their students and staff safe. Some are closing while others scramble to move their education online as fast as possible.

This morning, CHEL presented a live webinar addressing the coronavirus, with several experts to talk about the situation — exactly what it is, responsive and preventative measures, how it’s affecting campuses, and ideas for higher ed leaders moving forward in this time.

Watch a replay of the webinar here: https://higheredconnects.com/coronavirus-covid-19-webinar-what-higher-education-leaders-need-to-know-right-now/#prettyPhoto