A Border Pedagogy Conference: Bridging Global-Local Education

Romo, Jaime
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A review of borderland education or issues reveals a dearth of information related to actual teaching and learning practices. Traditionally, examinations of border experiences and issues have related to immigration, law enforcement, environmentalsafety, economics, etc. Consequently, constructing a body of educational research in our increasingly complex and politicized educational system, particularly in the San Diego-Tijuana region, is crucial. Borderland education promotes educational and othertransformation beyond cultural xenophobia or cultural tourism (ethnocentric) to cultural border crossing and dual citizenship (world-centric). Particular to classroom practices, border pedagogy is a set of practices that enables teachers and students to view educationas a political, social, and cultural enterprise and transform educational and related systems and socio-cultural barriers. It includes stakeholders (teachers, administrators, students, parents, etc) as contextual, political, integrative and not neutral.

Event Information
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10e Colloque nord-américain sur l'enseignement supérieure du CONAHEC - San Juan 2005
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Joignez vous aux leaders et intervenants de l'enseignement supérieur ainsi qu'aux représentants des secteurs public et privé et des étudiants à San Juan, Puerto Rico, à l'occasion du 10ième colloque nord américain sur l'enseignement supérieur de CONAHEC!