CONAHEC News and Information

Lundi, nov. 07, 2016

Members of the Universities Canada association voted Wednesday in favor of a new criterion for membership related to nondiscrimination.

Jeudi, nov. 03, 2016

The relative affordability of a Canadian degree is a major attraction for US students, but access to loans and scholarships can be a challenge, a new report has revealed. The study also showed that students often encounter difficulties with the immigration system and logistical tasks such as opening a bank account, although they tend to rate their study experience favourably overall.

Mardi, nov. 01, 2016

Armed militants wearing suicide vests attacked Balochistan Police College in Quetta, Pakistan, one night last week, killing campus security guards and then storming student residences, where they indiscriminately opened fire and threw grenades. The assailants killed more than 60 members of the college community and injured more than 120, most of whom were students.

Mardi, nov. 01, 2016

A new global clearinghouse to identify scholarships and opportunities and connect refugee students with resources they can use anywhere in the world was announced in New York last week.

Lundi, oct. 31, 2016

I spent part of a recent Sunday morning speaking to group of Vietnamese students in Hanoi who had participated in a US culture and society contest. Several were from talented and gifted high schools, including some of the finest in Viet Nam. Most had plans to study overseas, primarily in the US, but also other countries such as Australia and Canada.

Mercredi, oct. 26, 2016

Two efforts last week by students to eject protesters and reopen facilities at Michoacán University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo were unsuccessful, meaning that close to 24,000 students will continue to miss classes, reports Mexico News Daily.

Lundi, oct. 24, 2016

It is a warm night in downtown Havana, Cuba, and the Malecón sea road is buzzing. It’s January, yet it’s 70 degrees. I am at a hotel I could never afford, just above the water, looking at the view with my fellow students. We are surrounded by other tourists – the languages around us include German, French and what sounds like Italian and, of course, Spanish.

Mercredi, oct. 19, 2016

The doctoral education landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade.