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Jeudi, fév. 09, 2017

As U.S. and British legislators tighten the screws on travel and visa rules, they might be squeezing out international researchers and students. Canadian universities, meanwhile, are seeing surging interest from both groups.

Jeudi, fév. 02, 2017

El inesperado resultado de la elección presidencial en Estados Unidos en noviembre de 2016, con el triunfo del candidato republicano Donald Trump, provocó estupefacción y desconcierto alrededor del mundo. Fue producto de una campaña política, dominada por la demagogia y la descalificación, con promesas que, de cumplirse, apuntan hacia una ruptura con la política económica y social de ese país en las últimas décadas y, en el ámbito internacional, significan giros en materia comercial, militar, de seguridad y de cambio climático, entre otras.

Jeudi, fév. 02, 2017

México enfrenta uno de los mayores desafíos de su historia. Desde su precampaña a la Presidencia de Estados Unidos de América, el señor Donald Trump ha mostrado actitudes intolerantes y discriminatorias, además de un profundo desconocimiento de las relaciones internacionales, su actitud, abiertamente hostil hacia los mexicanos, daña los intereses de nuestros connacionales que residen en aquel país.

Mercredi, fév. 01, 2017

President Trump fired his acting attorney general on Monday night, removing her as the nation’s top law enforcement officer after she defiantly refused to defend his executive order closing the nation’s borders to refugees and people from predominantly Muslim countries.


Jeudi, jan. 26, 2017

A series of bills are set to be introduced in the US congress proposing changes to the popular temporary worker H-1B and L-1 visa programmes, with the aim of curbing abuse of the system. The H-1B visa for highly skilled foreign workers has widespread support among American firms hiring foreign graduates, especially technology companies in Silicon Valley.

Mercredi, jan. 25, 2017

President Trump pledged to build a “great, great wall” on the U.S.-Mexico border. News reports indicate he will today sign an order to start building the wall. How would such a barrier, if built, affect cross-border higher education collaborations?

Mercredi, jan. 25, 2017

We often talk about not repeating history when it comes to the genocide carried out during World War II, or the inequities of Jim Crow Laws. But, one part of our country’s history that often seems lost are the slew of eugenics laws that made forced sterilization legal during much of the 20th century.

Mardi, jan. 24, 2017

Words are the fundamental building blocks of communication. Imprecision in the use of language creates confusion and misunderstanding. For example, in the ongoing debate about the potentially negative impact of the United States presidential election on international education, I’ve seen a number of colleagues misuse certain key words, thereby muddying the rhetorical waters. 

Vendredi, jan. 20, 2017

Despite our best intentions every university president (or chancellor) eventually leaves the job. Most presidents are more than happy to retire into the sunset after a decade of fundraising, strategic visioning and crisis management.

Jeudi, jan. 12, 2017

The U.S. Department of Education slapped a set of tough conditions on a $1.1 billion private equity bid for the company that owns the University of Phoenix, the nation’s largest school, after years of trying to rein in the for-profit college industry.