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Vendredi, jan. 24, 2020

Higher education is going through a tough and uncertain time. The industry is continuously being disrupted, with the past decade seeing shifts in nearly every aspect of higher education.

Students are asking for their return on investment more than ever, as tuition fees continue to skyrocket. More and more members of the younger generation are looking towards alternatives to “traditional” college pathways such as apprenticeships and part-time study.

Vendredi, jan. 24, 2020

The National Association of College and University Business Officers recently launched a consulting service that will help higher-ed institutions solve a host of upcoming challenges ranging from revenue growth to better use of data.

Vendredi, jan. 24, 2020

Learning a new language should be compulsory for pupils up to the age of 16, according to a new report highlighting the UK’s recent abysmal record in encouraging young people to study languages other than English.

The report published by the Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi) cites an EU-wide survey showing that just 32% of young people in the UK say they are able to read or write in more than one language, compared with 79% of their peers in France and more than 90% in Germany.

Vendredi, jan. 24, 2020

A decade ago, Janice Aurini interviewed 41 upper-middle-class parents in Canada and asked whether they had a preference for where their children earned a university degree. One woman named Grace said her kid wanted to go to medical school, but she didn’t care where because it’s not as if the patients would care. Grace elaborated, “I don’t know anybody who goes to the doctor’s office and looks at what school they graduated from and what marks they got, right?” 

Jeudi, jan. 23, 2020

The American Federation of Teachers filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the Department of Education and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for her repeal of Obama-era regulations designed to hold for-profit colleges and universities accountable to their students.

The AFT accused DeVos of violating the law to repeal protections for students at for-profit colleges, and it argues that the regulations have the potential to save taxpayers over $5 billion on money going toward failing programs, according to the complaint.

Jeudi, jan. 23, 2020

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Jeudi, jan. 23, 2020

As the Democratic presidential primary race heats up and the list of candidates is winnowed, it’s time to take stock of their positions on higher education’s hot-button issues.

Here we look at the stances of the half-dozen candidates who participated in the final primary debate, in Iowa on January 14. This list may be updated as the campaign continues.

Here are the nuts and bolts on how each would push top higher-education policy concerns from the Oval Office.

Free College

Mercredi, jan. 15, 2020

Canada’s university community is stunned and in mourning as the scope of the tragedy becomes clear from the crash of a Ukraine International Airlines flight outside of Tehran on January 8. Dozens of students, professors and researchers from at least 18 universities from Victoria to Halifax have been identified among the victims.

Jeudi, déc. 19, 2019

There is no denying the zeitgeist that a golden age in the internationalisation of higher education has ended. Evidence suggests that the quality of our efforts have not matched the quantity of attention and resources devoted to them, prompting many to question internationalisation’s value and purpose. 

Leaders are faced with an existential dilemma, asking:

• What can be done to change disappointing outcomes?
• How should we do things differently?
• Why do we internationalise anyway?

Jeudi, déc. 19, 2019

Xenophobia, radicalisation, anti-intellectualism, hate speech, populism, globalisation of the labour market, environmental change, global warming… These are only some of the major issues facing societies today. Related topics are the rise of the ultra-right, the Brexit crisis, the retreat to nationalism and trade wars, continued inequalities worldwide, and floods, droughts and other impacts of climate change.