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Founded in 1957, La Universidad ITESO belongs to a network of over 200 Jesuit universities around the world. ITESO focuses on providing a unique academic atmosphere characterized by freedom, respect and a welcoming academic community. To provide this experience to over 12,000 students the University provides various services and campus facilities.

ITESO counts with more than 90 specialized laboratories and 72 undergraduate workshops for biotech, electronic systems, mechanical and chemical engineering, design and multimedia among many other fields. The University also provides facilities such as: a library with access to over 650,000 volumes, wellness and sports center, chapel, IT centers, and a foreign language center. Additionally, ITESO is located in Guadalajara which is Mexico’s 2nd largest city, a captivating metropolis, full of contrast and tradition, with wonderful weather year round.

Another beneficial factor that ITESO provides is the programs of PAP. PAP (Professional Application Projects) incorporate social work services and final projects of undergrad studies. The projects’ focus includes Habitat Sustainability, Inclusive Development, Employability and Entrepreneurship, Technological Development and Sustainable Wealth Generation, Public Policy and Law, and Communication and Culture Models and Policies.

Internationally, ITESO students can choose over 100 universities in different countries on 5 continents: Europe, Asia, America, and Oceania.

Overall, being part of ITESO means being part of an atmosphere that fully engages the students in unique opportunities that contribute to the community and incite personal growth.

#201-250 Latin American University Rankings (2018) by Top Universities


Key Personnel

Name/Nom/Nombre Email Institutional Role Departmenttrier par ordre décroissant Pays
Camarena Morales, Patricia Coordinator Oficina de Intercambios Academicos Mexico
Valdez Castellanos, Isabel Director of International Programs Oficina de Relaciones Institucionales Mexico
Clinton McGuire, Alison J. Primary Contact Oficina de Relaciones Institucionales México
Arriaga Valenzuela, Luis Rector Rectoría Mexico
Ramíraz Rivera, Pedro Rivera M. Director of International Programs Relaciones Externas Mexico