CONAHEC conseille et relie les institutions intéressées à créer ou à renforcer des programmes de collaboration académiques au sein de la région Amérique du Nord et au-delà.

19e Congrès de l'enseignement supérieur en Amérique du Nord
2019 CONAHEC Conference

Rejoignez-nous pour partager vos efforts afin de traduire les stratégies d'internationalisation en initiatives concrètes et pour apprendre ce que font les autres pour atteindre leurs objectifs d'internationalisation. Visitez le site Web de la conférence aujourd'hui !

Short-term Faculty Exchange Program

Participate in this great short-term exchange program. Visit our program page for more details. 

North American Center for Collaborative Development Announced at NALS

During the North American Leaders Summit, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Barack Obama and President Enrique Peña Nieto announced the creation of the North American Center for Collaborative Development (NACCD), a CONAHEC initiative, in collaboration with the three governments of North America.

North American Academic Partnerships Database

The United States Embassy in Mexico City is working with the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) to improve accounting and tracking of the hundreds of partnerships that exist among higher education institutions in Mexico, Canada, and the United States. We seek your help in documenting your institution’s academic partnerships with Mexican and Canadian universities.

CONAHEC's Staff & Faculty Mobility Programs

CONAHEC's Faculty Mobility Program is designed for faculty / academic staff to teach and/or conduct research for a semester or academic year at a CONAHEC member institution in Mexico, United States, Canada, or at one of our Affiliate members outside North America, the program provides an opportunity for personal enrichment and professional development.

CONAHEC's Professional Experiences for Students

CONAHEC’s Service Learning Exchange Option (SLEO) is an opportunity for students to acquire international experience and awareness through experiential learning involving hands on projects within a local community partnership. Examples include a community service program in a rural community, an internship in a local newspaper, or participation on a multidisciplinary team conducting health education clinics in marginalized neighborhoods. 

CONAHEC's Mobility Incubator Program

CONAHEC's Mobility Incubator Program is a new initiative which seeks to deepen interinstitutional relationships between our members and their international partners to through increased high-quality area specific interaction.  The Incubator's goal is to produce opportunities for jointly administered projects, research, service learning and internships which have a mobility component for students, faculty, and/or administrators.

CONAHEC's Student Exchange Program

CONAHEC's Student Exchange Program is designed for both undergraduate and graduate students, including students at the doctoral level. The program covers all academic disciplines as well as options for students interested in academic coursework and on-the-job training and/or experiential education abroad.