Call for Proposals

19th North American Higher Education Conference

Strategic Higher Education Internationalization in North America:
Successful Practices & Lessons Learned

Call for Presentation Proposals

Deadline for submission of presentation proposals - Friday, February 9, 2019

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Join us to share your strategies, initiatives and activities and engage in the conversation with other leaders and practitioners about how we can leverage the power of the North American higher education community and our strategic partnerships to address our common regional interests. Possible discussion themes include:

  • Priorities for North American Higher Education Collaboration
  • Best practices in international education
  • International Collaborations on Climate Resilience and Clean Energy or other Sustainable Development Goals
  • Power of Diversity: Bringing People Together
  • Leading Internationalization: Strategies and Initiatives
  • Innovative practices in student, faculty or staff mobility

In the spirit of international collaboration, individual presentations will likely be placed in a shared session with other presenters. We welcome proposals which include multiple speakers offering perspectives from more than one country/cultural context. If you have colleagues with whom you can submit a joint proposal, we encourage you to do so (please verify their interest and availability to attend and present before submitting). Preference will be given to coordinated group presentations involving representatives from multiple institutions and countries.  

Session duration is one hour and fifteen minutes or one hour and a half. Given that each session contains an average of 3 presenters plus a moderator, each presenter must agree to equitably share the time with the other presenters allocated to the session (regardless of format). Presentations should allow at least 15 minutes for audience interaction. Those listed as "co-presenters" are expected to attend the conference. Those who do not attend will not be mentioned in the conference program, unless referred to in the "Description" section.  

Other important information:  

  • If the proposal is accepted, space will be set aside for your presentation in the conference program.  Please be considerate and make plans to attend, or let us know as soon as possible if you or your co-presenters will be unable to participate since it is a selective process and there are often other excellent proposals awaiting an opportunity.
  • Papers selected by the editorial committee may be published after the conference.  Please submit your papers in advance by email to
  • Previously published work can be submitted for presentation, however, only original articles are eligible for publication.
  • To minimize conference costs, regretfully, presenters will not receive any compensation. Travel, lodging, conference registration fees and all other expenses will be the presenter's sole responsibility.

The 19th North American Higher Education Conference is organized by the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC). CONAHEC links higher education institutions, government agencies and partners in industry from Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, and from the rest of the world, in collaboration and cooperation. We look forward to welcoming you in Las Cruces, New Mexico!  

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North American Center for Collaborative Development Conference 2019

Climate Resilience and Clean Energy

Call for Presentation Proposals

Deadline for submission of presentation proposals - Thursday, January 31, 2019

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CONAHEC invites presentation proposals which highlight higher education institution collaboration initiatives and innovations that accelerate the adoption of cleaner energies in North America and build resilience in communities faced with climate challenges. We welcome ideas about what we can do collectively within the North American higher education sector to further efforts to adopt cleaner energies and promote climate resilience. Of particular interest are inter-institutional collaborative activities, projects and initiatives that are international in scope and are germane to these themes. The following are some possible themes but we encourage creative thought about this opportunity to engage with others and set an agenda for collaborative action.

  • Facilitating innovation in clean energy and climate resilience through higher education collaboration
  • Connecting institutional internationalization efforts to climate resilience and clean energy initiatives or other sustainable development goals
  • International higher education collaboration initiatives to clean traditional energy sources
  • Model practices in energy use at higher education institutions
  • Higher education extension work in enhancing community capacity to adapt to climate challenges
  • Model international courses and collaboration initiatives
  • International research collaboration innovation
  • Setting the agenda for future international higher education collaboration on climate resilience and clean energy

It is time for our international higher education collaboration efforts to proactively address vitally important issues. Join us to share what you and your organization are doing to enhance human resilience to climate challenges and accelerate us down the path to cleaner energy adoption. Come and help set the agenda for international higher education collaboration for climate resilience and clean energy adoption!

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