About the Conference

Join us at the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration’s (CONAHEC) 18th North American Higher Education Conference Purposeful Internationalization graciously hosted by the University of Regina in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada from June 14th to 16th, 2017.

Higher education institutions operate in complex environments in which economic and competitive conditions and resource availability can strongly influence the design and orientation of international initiatives.  The variety of actors engaged in internationalization and the corollary differences in their interests, objectives and desired outcomes also create further challenges to efficient and effective internationalization efforts. Take this opportunity to join other higher education leaders and practitioners to reflect on strategic internationalization and how these efforts can be designed to respond to the values and priorities of the institution and the increasingly diverse communities they serve.

Effective international engagement and globally relevant curriculum are fundamental to academic quality in the preparation of globally competent higher education graduates. Students, educators and other leaders know they must be aware of and able to apply a critical lens to world events, conscious of diverse perspectives and concerns, and able to use their knowledge in constructive and meaningful ways. The adoption of strategies and processes oriented towards the effective internationalization of higher education institutions is considered by many leaders as crucial to strengthening their institution’s ability to attract the best students, scholars and administrators.

Internationalization has become an integral part of strategic planning efforts for institutions seeking to be globally engaged, however, translating a high-level concept into practical and effective initiatives and activities remains a challenge.  While adapting to the diverse public it serves, each higher education institution accommodates internationalization concepts to fit its own specific circumstances, resources, and student and program characteristics.  Purposeful internationalization is the intentional alignment of a higher education institution’s characteristics, mission and values with its internationalization strategy and initiatives.  Join us to share and learn about successful internationalization strategies and practices as you develop meaningful and long-lasting collaborative relationships.