CONAHEC & AMPEI 2020 Conference

Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) and Mexican Association for International Education (AMPEI)
Tuesday, December 1, 2020 to Saturday, December 5, 2020
United States

The Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) and the Mexican Association for International Education (AMPEI) are pleased to announce that we'll cooperate to host our respective 2020 annual conferences together as a joint virtual event. The conference will be 100% online using the Whova website and app as the conference platform. Sessions will be both synchronous (using zoom within Whova) and asynchronous (through pre-recorded videos). The event will also feature pre and post-conference workshops as well as many opportunities for networking between attendees.

Our conference, titled "Rebuilding the Global Village", will take place from December 1st until the 5th, 2020. This year's theme is “From Networking to Symbiotic Collaboration: The Future of International Cooperation in Higher Education”. Join us to share your strategies, initiatives, and activities and engage in the conversation with other leaders and practitioners about how we can leverage our power as a higher education community and our strategic partnerships to address our common regional and international interests. 

With a focus on issues of importance to international higher education collaboration, presentation themes might include:

  • Successes and Challenges in Adapting to the
  • Effects of the Pandemic
  • Innovative Collaboration Models and Projects
  • Comprehensive and Purposeful Internationalization Strategies
  • Funding Internationalization Initiatives
  • Internationalization at Home
  • Internationalizing the Curriculum
  • Students, faculty, and Staff Development of Intercultural Competencies
  • Use of TICs for Educational Innovation
  • Small Carbon-Footprint Internationalization
  • Crisis Management in International Higher Education
  • Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility and Equity in Internationalization

This year, the virtual conference will feature three types of presentations:

1.    Keynote Presentations / Plenary Panels
To be held live December 2-4 offering the chance to interact with presenters

  • Recordings will be made available the next day
  • These presenters will be individually invited by the CONAHEC/AMPEI Academic Committee, however, we welcome your suggestions/proposals at Please consider the following plenary storyboard when making presenter recommendations:
    • Plenary Storyboard:
      • Where do we go from here? Constructing the Next Normal through International Higher Education Collaboration
      • Facilitating International Collaboration in Teaching and Learning through Virtual International Partnerships
      • Supporting International Education Initiatives
      • Future Priorities Crowdsource

2.    Individual / Group Presentations

  • These represent the majority of the conference’s presentations.
  • Interested participants must submit a proposal by October 16, 2020 following the guidelines in this document. An academic committee will peer-review the proposals and inform presenters about their acceptance no later than October 31st, 2020.
  • If accepted, presenters will be expected to pre-record their presentation in a 5 to 15-minute video and send it to the committee by November 22, 2020.
  • In order to enhance engagement with the content, a discussion board will be available alongside each presentation. Presenters are expected to address comments and questions synchronously during and asynchronously after the airing of their presentations up until the evening of December 5. Subsequent responses to queries will be at the presenters' discretion.
  • In the spirit of international collaboration, conference organizers will attempt to place individual presentations in a shared session with other presentations with complementary topics where possible.
  • We particularly welcome proposals of coordinated presentations which include multiple speakers offering perspectives on a common theme from more than one country or cultural context

3.    Selected Panel Presentations

  • From among the proposals received, the academic committee will select the most thematically relevant presentations to participate in synchronous panel presentations.
  • These presentations will be held live during the days of the conference (recordings will be available the day after).
  • The panels will be 90 minutes in length with each presenter/group allotted up to 15 minutes for their presentation. A moderator/discussant will facilitate an interactive Q&A session during the time remaining.

Please note: If your proposal is accepted, space will be set aside for your presentation in the conference program. Please be considerate by sending your pre-recorded presentation on or before the deadline (in advance if at all possible) and plan to be online to participate in the discussion at the time it is aired. It is a selective process so please let us know as early as possible in the event you or your co-presenters will be unable to participate since there are often other excellent proposals awaiting an opportunity. Only those presenters who attend and participate in their presentation at the conference will be mentioned in the final conference materials and proceedings.

Presenters who wish to do so can submit a full paper as part of their presentation. All papers and presentation files received will be published as part of the conference’s digital memoirs. However, some papers selected by the editorial committee may be invited for inclusion in a post-conference publication or in a special issue of AMPEI’s "Educación Global". This academic journal is the only peer-reviewed publication in Mexico that has been devoted for the past 20 years exclusively to the dissemination of research and thought on international higher education. Please submit your papers as early as possible by email to Previously published work can be submitted for presentation; however, only unpublished original articles are eligible for publication.

Important: CONAHEC and AMPEI are non-profit organizations and run our conferences and other activities on a cost-recovery basis. Our pricing is designed to accommodate the bare minimum we need in order to keep the doors open. As such, presenters will not receive any compensation. Those selected to present will be expected to pay their own expenses including conference registration fees in order to appear and participate in the program. 

How to Submit a Proposal
In preparation for submission, make sure to have the following information at hand:

  • Title and abstract for your presentation.
  • Names and correct contact information for all co-presenters (up to 4)
  • If you would like for the committee to consider a full paper for publication either as part of the memoirs or for the special issue of Educación Global, please indicate it in the form. Please note that you can submit the final paper along with the proposal, however, only an abstract is mandatory at that time. If you indicate that you intend to submit later a full paper for consideration, the paper will have to be sent in late November, very soon after the committee’s decision at the end of October.
  • Be sure to keep a back-up on your computer. For added security, feel free to send an additional copy as an email attachment to as a word processing document or in .pdf format.

If you are ready to submit a presentation proposal, please complete the following form: 

Very important: once completed, be sure to click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page; otherwise we will neither receive nor have knowledge of your submission attempt and will not be able to help recover your information.

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